Banking and Securities Law

Securing banks’, financial institutions’ and other lenders’ advances, loan facilities and rights in general.

The firm has a wealth of experience in securitization and securing financial institutions’ rights having been engaged by various banks, financial institutions such as non-deposit taking microfinance institutions and other lenders in their drafting, perfection and registration of charges, debentures, deeds of discharge, memoranda of satisfaction, supplemental charges, individual and corporate deeds of guarantee and indemnity, loan agreements, security rights and chattel mortgages.

The firm has handled diverse and complex corporate finance matters ranging from structuring a loan syndication secured by a multi-billion international education institution, registration of debentures, creation of fixed and floating charges over company assets, undertaking registration of chattels mortgages and security rights over motor vehicles (which are now governed by the Movable Properties Security Rights Act, No. 13 of 2017).

We advise financial institutions on emerging and prevailing transactional, legal-regulatory and operational issues, asset financing, structuring of financial products and services, perfection of securities and securing financial facilities. We have come up with a bespoke compliance matrix for some of our clients setting out compliance matters on the operations, processes and documentation relevant to their operations. We also conduct legal due diligence on banking securities.

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OT Advocates accepts cheques, direct bank transfer (SWIFT, RTGS, EFT), cash, mobile money (this includes MPESA, Airtel Money). A Deposit Request Note (invoice) is issued immediately instructions have been firmed up by the client; and at completion, a Fee Note (final invoice) is issued for the balance of the agreed fee and disbursements with credit being afforded to the earlier payment (deposit). All payments are due within fourteen (14) days from receipt of invoice.

Usually, clients meet with our attorneys at our offices but not always. If this is not convenient or you are prevented from physically meeting us at our office, we are amenable to having a Skype, Imo or WhatsApp call or video call, tele-conference call, normal telephone calls or email correspondence. We are always happy to work with our clients to ensure that their legal matters are solved in the most efficient and expeditious manner. If this means meeting with you at a place other than our office, we would be happy to do so, under reasonable circumstances.

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