Corporate Governance Audits and Company Secretarial Services

Undertaking corporate governance audits and legal audits on statutory corporations, parastatals and public listed companies as required by codes of practice, the law and sector regulatory agencies.

The firm has an in-house Certified Public Secretary who has hands-on experience in conducting corporate governance audits, having undertaken governance audits for public listed entities with some having several subsidiaries.

The firm provides legal audit services and corporate governance audit services to listed companies and state corporations who are required to comply with the corporate governance regulations prescribed for listed companies by the Capital Markets Authority (“CMA”) and the Capital Markets Act Cap 485A (“Capital Markets Act”); to insurance companies required to comply with corporate governance guidelines prescribed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (“IRA”) and the Insurance Act Cap 487 (“Insurance Act”); to licensed fund managers, who are required to comply with the corporate governance regulations prescribed for market intermediaries by the CMA.

At the end of such audits, we provide audit reports on the level of compliance with the legal and regulatory framework; a compliance matrix; and recommendations.

The firm also provides company secretarial services to limited liability companies, including those limited by shares and by guarantee. Such secretarial services comprise advising on, effecting and filing changes in directorship, shareholding, allotment, statutory returns, directors and shareholders meetings, statutory reports and notifications as well as compliance with the Companies Act, 2015 and Companies (General) Regulations, 2015.

We also advise limited liability partnerships on compliance with the Limited Liability Partnership Act, No. 42 of 2011 and Limited Liability Partnership Regulations, 2014.

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